Nortshore Production AB manufacture high quality boats 

Nortshore Production has created a brand-new hull in the HDPE- category of high speed boats.HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) has incredible benefits compared to more traditional constructions.

We call them – Burly

Burly means – strongly and heavily built, and that’s a very good way to present our boats.

Extreme flowability

PEHD is a multifunctional material. The density varies from 930 to 970 kg / m3. This makes PEHD easier than water. And that makes PEHD extremely strong, considering low self-esteem


Acid, salt and water have no effect on PEHD. PEHD is not affected by the wind and weather of time.
No surface treatment required as topcoat or paint.

Extreme durability

The viscous and elastic properties of the PEHD material prevent both deformation and cracking. PEHD is both hard and flexible thanks to its elastic properties. A strong PEHD hull is perfect in archipelago environments

Om Northshore Production AB

Northshore is a Swedish company that manufactures boats in PEHD for individuals, companies and military.


Burly means – strongly and heavily built, and that’s a very good way to present our boats. You get a unique stability and durability that can’t be compared to any other type on the market.


Our selection of models is adapted to different types of needs and environment



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Test our boats!

It is important for us that you as a customer and boat owner find exactly what you are looking for in your boat and your boat ownership. It is necessary to experience a boat in its correct element, experience driving pleasure, feeling quality and performance. To know if it’s the ”right” boat for you. Must be driven by you personally. The boat’s properties on the lake are incredibly important to us and we want you to experience it all.
If you are interested in any of our boats, please contact us to book a test run! Feel free to suggest the period that works best for you in the form on the right, so we promise to return as soon as possible.

We look forward to your contact – Welcome!